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Intern Training

Undertaking the NAPE Intern Training program will enable interns to build upon the knowledge and skills gained as an undergraduate and assist in developing the competencies necessary for pharmacy practice. Each University delivering the NAPE Pharmacy Intern Training Program is individually accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council.

Experienced practitioners from a variety of settings will support interns throughout the program. In 2019 University of SydneyUniversity of South AustraliaUnversity of Queensland and Monash University will deliver the NAPE Pharmacy Intern Training Program.


The NAPE Pharmacy Intern Training Program features:

  • The opportunity to combine internship with a postgraduate qualification
  • Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)
  • An up-to-date curriculum
  • A case-based learning approach covering practice issues including pharmacy law, ethics, primary health care, OTC medicines and evidence based practice
  • Innovative delivery methods including a mixture of face-to-face and online learning providing flexibility and easy access for all students
  • Access to computer-assisted learning and self assessment packages for pharmaceutical calculations and pharmacy law
  • Ongoing interaction with other interns and practising pharmacist via on-line discussion forums and seminars
  • Close interaction with preceptors and support for their workplace intern training

Key Contacts and Further Information

Monash University
Mr. Steven Walker

University of South Australia
Ms. Josephine Crockett

The University of Sydney
Dr Irene Um

The University of Queensland
Ms. Nanette Cawcutt

For more information email: