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Australasian Pharmacist Prescribing Workshop

Wednesday 27 October 2010

A summary of the program is presented below. A detailed pdf of the program shows sessions times as well as contributed paper sessions.

8.30- 9.00 AMRegistration (Foyer, Sissons Building)
9.00 AMWelcome
Dr Johnson George (Monash University)
9.05?10.20 AMOral Presentations 1 (15 minutes each) 
Chair: Greg Weeks (Barwon Health)

More than just transcribing ? 2 years experience of prescribing pharmacists at Peninsula Health [pdf]
H. Lim, J. Clifford, S. Lam, B. Leung (Peninsula Health)

A script for Success: Pharmacist prescribing to optimise asthma management in community practice [pdf]
T. Hanna, B. Bajorek, K. LeMay, C. Kok, C. Armour (University of Sydney)

Collaborative doctor-pharmacist prescribing in a multidisciplinary elective surgical pre-admission clinic[pdf]
Hale, J. Stokes, E. Lum, L. Nissen, D. Stowasser, I. Coombes(Princess Alexandra Hospital, Medication Services Queensland, University of Queensland)

Crossing Boundaries ? development of a credentialing process for pharmacist prescribing in the emergency department [pdf]
L. Ciabotti, L. Abbott, E. Commons, G. Weeks (Southern Health, Barwon Health, St. Vincent?s Hospital)

Pharmacist prescribing in the pre-admission clinic (PAC): A prime opportunity to apply pharmacists? expertise [pdf]
R. Bakshi, C.Chow, P. Elliott, R. MacPherson, B. Bajorek (University of Sydney, Royal North Shore Hospital)

10.20 ? 10.40 AMMorning Tea
10.40 AM ? 12.00 PMKey note sessions (20 minutes each)
Chair: Kirstie Galbraith (Monash University and National Alliance for Pharmacy Education)

Mark Cormack [pdf]Chief Executive Officer, Health Workforce Australia

Bronwyn Clark [pdf]
Registrar, Pharmacy Council of New Zealand

Dr Jonathan Dartnell [pdf]
Executive Manager, Innovation and Learning, National Prescribing Service Dartnell

Steve Marty [pdf]
Chair, Pharmacy Board of Australia

12:00 ? 12.30 PMOrganisational Perspectives (5 minutes each)
Chair: Sandy Bhawan (New Zealand Pharmacy Council)

Yvonne Allinson
Chief Executive Officer Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia

Assoc. Prof. Lisa Nissen [pdf]
National Vice President and Queensland Branch President

Anne Develin [pdf]
Divisional Manager, Government Relations and Policy, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Dr. Shane Jackson [pdf]
Board Member, Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy Pharmacist Prescribing

Matthew McCrone [pdf]
Department of Health, Victoria Pharmacist Prescribing

Kirstie Galbraith [pdf]
National Alliance for Pharmacy Education

12.30 ? 1.15 PM:Panel Discussion (all keynote speakers and organisational representatives)
Moderator: Dr Ian Coombes (University of Queensland, Medication Services Queensland)
1.15 ? 1.45 PMLunch
1.45 ? 2.00 PMPoster Tour
Lead: Josephine Crockett (University of South Australia and National Alliance for Pharmacy Education)

A pathway to exploring and implementing pharmacist prescribing in local Australian practice [pdf]
B. Bajorek (The University of Sydney)

Preparing the medication chart: pre-emptive intervention by the peri-operative pharmacist [pdf]
R. Fyfe, S. Cuell (Barwon Health)

Stories from the Trenches: Experiences of Alberta Pharmacists in Obtaining Additional Prescribing Authorization [pdf]
T.L. Charrois, M. Rosenthal, R. Tsuyuki (Curtin University, University of Alberta)

2.00 ? 3.15 PMOral Presentations 2 (15 minutes each) 
Chair: Assoc Prof Pascale Dettwiller (Charles Darwin University)

The experiences of a nurse prescriber [pdf]
N. Jennings, Emergency Nurse Practitioner, The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre

Improving hypertension management through pharmacist prescribing - The rural Alberta clinical trial in optimizing hypertensioN (rural RxACTION): design, methods and progress
T.L. Charrois, M. Rosenthal, R. Tsuyuki (Curtin University, University of Alberta)

Value of a non-medical prescribing course in preparing Australian pharmacists for prescribing roles [pdf]
G. Weeks, J. Marriott, J. George(Monash University, Barwon Health)

The Pharmacist Prescriber ? A defined scope of practice or an add on?
S. Bhawan (Pharmacy Council of New Zealand)

Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Relevance of the Safe Medication Practice Tutorials as a Course for Pharmacist Prescribers [pdf]
I. Coombes, A. Wheeler, C. Mitchell, L. Nissen, A. Hale (University of Queensland, Medication Services Queensland, Clinical Research & Resource Centre, Waitemata District Health Board, Auckland, Princess Alexandra Hospital)

3.15 ? 4.15 PMParallel small group workshops (including afternoon tea)

Workshop 1: Evaluation of data from pharmacist prescribing pilot projects using a standard evaluation framework (Andrew Hale, Beata Bajorek)

Workshop 2: Potential scenarios for pharmacist prescribing: a review of required competencies, skills, training and accreditation (Johnson George, Greg Weeks, Ian Coombes)

Workshop 3: Influencing legislative change: lessons from other countries and professions (Sandy Bhawan, Yvonne Allinson)

4.15 ? 5:00 PMFeedback from small group workshops to the whole group
Where from here?

Facilitator: Assoc Prof Jennifer Marriott (Monash University)
5.00 PMClose
Dr Johnson George (Monash University)